No pretty picture

As the title states, and as you can clearly see, there is not picture update today.

I just want to tell you all that Heaven And Earth Designs are celebrating Mother’s Day by having a sale. There 25% off until midnight 9 May (US time).

I don’t know if I’ll be getting anything is time as I got a reward chart for my being first to complete SK Elfland.

!!!!! A Big THANK YOU to Bob and Michele from HAED !!!!

The chart I received was Faces Lilac Magic. So I have that to go one with if I finish everything else I’ve got to work on. LOL!!!!

But if I were to get anything it would have to be this wee guy…. Storykeep Magical Arrival. Isn’t that the cutest? I just love his little claws. So sharp and pointy. Grrr Arggg.

I have been making great progress on my QS Sweet Flowery Dreams, I need to find a shorter name for her, and I’m half done on page 1 and I still have two more days of this SAL weekend. I can’t wait to post this update of her.

Look out for that update Tuesday my time.


4 thoughts on “No pretty picture

  1. The main thing I like about SKs is that they are fairly small but loaded with the same detail, with the exception of some.
    I’ll probably wait until later in the sale to see what else comes out, that way I can spread out the conversion rate on the card.
    And Kerry, you should get it.

  2. Are there going to be more releases? Then I guess I’ll see what they are. But yes, I’m very tempted by the little dragon. I liked it in the full sized chart, but knew I’d never stitch the full size version so didn’t buy it (especially since I’d already bought Water Dragon and Friends Forever by the same artist). But the story keep is an excellent compromise. I may well get it, you know, mothers day and all that, even if it isn’t until next weekend here.

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