Another new start

I couldn’t resist. Well actually you can blame Petrina for this one.

I got this chart for myself during the last HAED sale and pointed it out to her and she just fell for it. She doesn’t buy many charts and when she does I get them for her. So I promptly got the card out again and brought her a copy too.

Needless to say she thought since she’d finished her Freebie SAL piece, and I’d finished my pieces, that this weekend would be a perfect time for a new start.

The piece is called QS Sweet Flowery Dreams by Jennifer Nilsson and here’s what it’s going to  look like and what I’ve stitched so far in the 4 days I’ve worked on it.

(click images to enlarge)

I’ve started mine in the centre and am working up and to the left, while Petrina also started hers in  the centre but she’s working down and to the right. That way there is now disputing that they are two different projects.

It’s back to ‘The Beast’ now for a while. I’m hoping to have another page done in the next day or so. I’m getting there!!!


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