I’ve been absent

Sorry for not posting in so long. I have been busy.

I’ve been busy looking for birthday presents for Tim to buy me. He couldn’t think of one thing to get me??? So I told him I’d like the Doctor Who box set from Mightyape,  after 3-4 days of trawling the stores.

And today it’s arrived!!!! Nearly a week after my birthday.

I did one thing for my bday stitching related. I redeemed my HAED birthday club for the chart Umbrella Sky by Marta Dahlig.

It was a toss up between that one and one from Selina Fenech, which is still on the WL and I do hope to get it one day, but I asked Tim and he said ‘get that one’ (pointing at Umbrella).

Then I’ve also been stitching. And boy, have I been stitching!!! I took ‘The Beast’ off the frame and realised I’ve over 3/4 done now. It has  slowed a little over the last few days due to confetti stitches in the remainder of the engine, but I can see the rear wheel now and I hope to but some blocks of blacks and grays into that today. I’m hoping to get as much as I can done before the weekend as the next page for the freebie SALs comes out. I can’t wait to get back into Elfland and subsequently have another finish out of the way.

I hope everyone is ready for Easter? If you’re not into chocolate for an Easter gift why not buy  a HAED chart?

They are having their annual Easter sale with 25% off


5 thoughts on “I’ve been absent

  1. What an excellent birthday present. I didn’t know you could get it all together like that. Oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy my off-the-TV copies until money starts falling out of the air.

    I can’t wait for the new series to start. I think Matt Smith is going to be excellent, going by the trailers.

  2. I works out at about $67 a season through the Ape, which is still alot, but not as expensive as $99 which Whitcoulls has them at for the individual seasons.
    I haven’t had a good look through but I do know there is the special that we never got on NZ tv which has both David and Peter Davison together.
    I also know there will be a box set of the last four specials coming out mid year.

  3. Yes, I saw the Tennant/Davison piece. It was for the annual Children in Need appeal and was about five minutes long, set just before the TARDIS crashes into the Titanic. Email me if it isn’t on there.

  4. Where did you see it? It is on the DVD I just started to watch it and got way laid. I can’t wait to sit down and watch all the episodes again and in 5.1. Ooooh

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