Two updates and print pics

I was going to write this last night but I just couldn’t figure out what to write. Maybe 12.30 am is NOT the time to blog.

I did however manage to post these two updates in all the right places. Pheww. Now I just need to put them here.

(click images to enlarge)

It’s been a while since I’ve shown a full shot of Turandot. I hope she’ll grow faster now that I’m reaching the end of the blocky background. It is very daunting when you see that you got thousands of one colour to stitch. I sometime wonder if I can contract just that part out to someone.

Iron Dragon (‘The Beast’) has nearly had all its top right background completed also. A few days determined effort should see that done, but that’s not where the Qsnap is at the moment. Any guesses where it is and where I’ll be working on it?

I promised to mention my Brigid Ashwood prints and how she helped me out. So here goes…..

Brigid offered to help me by offering to replace the prints I never received. I must say I had never emailed or ordered from Brigid, so when she contacted ME I was blown away. I’ve admired her artwork from afar and own some of her HAED charts (link to them).

Well, I subsequently received a full refund from the other merchant and since I’m such a nice person and I didn’t want Brigid to be out of pocket, due to my misfortune, I offered to pay her the amount of the refund.

She kindly offered me a wonderful discount code instead and I ended up buying a few more prints also.

(click image to enlarge)

All prints are available through her site.

If you want to know the name of any particular piece, or where exactly to find it on her site, please ask and I’ll happily point you to it.

I also have a couple pictures of pieces I’ve framed recently. There are more but they are on my phone and I cant get to them at the moment.

My original Jennifer Nilsson. I already had a print of her, but I lurve this original.

and a couple of pieces from Meredith Dillman.

Can you see why I couldn’t do this at 12.30?

A final note. I hope to have a sock to share for my next update. A SOCK!!!??? Yup, I started knitting a sock last night. It’s been a while since I’ve done any knitting, but I got some pre-patterned wool on Saturday and I’m already over half done on one.


2 thoughts on “Two updates and print pics

  1. The beasts looking ever more stunning every time I see it. Turandot is looking great as well. I know what you mean about large blocks of colour in backgrounds. I’ve taken to saving them to break up confetti areas. I love the prints as well 😀

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