‘Sadness’ and ‘The Beast’

The HAED board SAL theme this month was ‘Faces’. The only one that really stood out for that theme was Sadness of an Angel by Zindy Nielsen, although when I got her out I realised there wasn’t much face left to do so I didn’t join in the SAL officially. Instead I just worked on her for three days and here she is.

(click all images to enlarge)

The before image:

She made a nice change from all the confetti I’ve been doing on Iron Dragon (The Beast) by Ciro Marchetti.

Which I also have an update of:

I have been making what I think is extremely slow progress on the engine. While stitching I just couldn’t envision what I was working on either. Usually you can tell by the chart and see that that is the helmet, that is the cloud etc, but not with that part. He’s back on the QSnap frame now and really to go again once I’m done here and I can see only a few more updates until he’s a done deal!!!


I had to make an emergency HAED purchase the other day. I had forgotten to buy the HAED birthday club chart. You pay $10US and get the chart of your choice on your birthday. Details are on the website. I have purchased it every year and wasn’t going to make this year an exception. So I used the discount code that was sent out with the latest HAED newsletter and now I’m all set. I have since realise that there will most likely be a St Patrick’s Day sale and I could have got it cheaper still, but I don’t want to count on it in case there isn’t.

I’ll let you know what I choose later in the month when the bday comes around!!!


5 thoughts on “‘Sadness’ and ‘The Beast’

    • Thank you Dawn. I suppose I could have joined the face SAL but it took less than a day to finish the face I had left, after that it was a background SAL.
      I just went and had a look at your blog. YMorgan looks WONDERFUL. I so want to start one of the moggies, but I have a few must-dos before I get around to them.

    • I have no idea which to do first. I’m relying on the poll I’ve got going to decide that and at the moment it’s Merlin. But that could change before I have the time to do him.

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