Update on last post

And you can add BRIGID ASHWOOD herself to the list of artists below. She heard I’d had this issue and has kindly helped me out. I’ll let you know in what way later on.

I should let you all know that ‘Laura’, I finally have a name, from Faerysmuse gave me a full refund. It’s just a shame that purchase didn’t pan out as planned.

Onto the stitching. Sorry, but I have no update picture of Iron Dragon (The Beast) as I’m busy putting in confetti stitches that make up the engine. I was hoping to have finished the page I’ve been working on  before I updated but after a week it’s only just half done.

It has been SOOOOO slow!!!!

But looks SOOOOO good!!!!

I’ll show you after the weekend when I’ll share an update on what ever I chose to work on for the HAED board Themed SAL, whatever it is. Hopefully it won’t be mechanical items or dragons, in that case it will just be the one update. The following weekend is the Freebie SAL and I’ll have SK Diewalkur out again  in place of SK Elfland.

And finally, I had to share this. Is this why so many marriages are failing these days? It doesn’t explain the nearly 16 years for Tim and I.


Click to enlarge.


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