Chalking it up to experience………….and Turandot

Last October I placed an order with Faerysmuse. She was selling out of her prints and there were three Brigid Ashwood pieces that I had my eye on at $6 US each. Her order cart didn’t have an option for overseas mail so I emailed her about it and eventually I got the response of $16 shipping. Ummed and ahhed a bit then decided, why not! Placed the order, got the Paypal invoice, paid it etc waited……and waited….

One month passed, nothing. OK maybe the post was slow due to Christmas mailings. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. 2 months pass and still nothing. I emailed her back about it in the New Year and she said she’d send out a replacement set. That was the beginning of Jan and guess what?  STILL NOTHING!!!! I’ve emailed her and unlike when I placed the initial order and the first non delivery I haven’t heard a peep. I thought maybe she’d sent it to the wrong address, but nothing since that last email. It would be nice to just have confirmation that she was sending them to ME, otherwise someone has a lovely collection of Brigid’s prints. Sigh!!!

For one parcel to go missing, it happens. But for two….. hmmm. And no response??? I DO NOT, as of today, recommend dealing with …….. that’s another thing. She only every signed her emails as Faery so I have no idea of her real name and since it’s over 100 days since I paid I can’t get recourse through Paypal.

$34US down the drain and only a few emails to show for it.

I think from now on I’ll stick to buying directly from the artists themselves. I’ve had NO problems with any of the ones I’ve already dealt with. No delivery hiccups to speak of (you know I will now).





And as if she was a side note I have my SAL update of Turandot. Another four days out of the way and I’m starting to get back into the exciting stuff. I still have a few THOUSAND stitches of blue blugh to do, but if I keep plugging away I’ll get them done.

I’m hoping to have another full size pic for you next month.


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