Two updates for you

Here’s the progress of QS Alexandra and Iron Dragon, or ‘The Beast’, as he’s called by the HAED team due to the difficulty they had in charting him.

Next weekend is the Freebie SAL so I will be bringing Elfland SK out again and striving to complete page one. If I do manage to get it done I’ll bring SK Diewalkur out again. Until then I’ll be working on ‘The Beast’ (perfect name for him).

On the none stitching front I also have some pieces of art in the post on their way to me. A couple of Jennifer Nilsson originals and some ACEOs. I’ll post a picture when they arrive.

And there is also a lovely Carrie Hawks’ print on its way.


3 thoughts on “Two updates for you

    • Thank you Sam.
      I’m sure by the time you get your Queen of Hearts finished (is it the Rachel Anderson one?) you’ll be a pro. I saw you were doing this one in your blog. You might like to sign up for the HAED bulletin board if you’re not there already. There are LOADS of helpful people there and you can post updates there too. The link is to the right if your interested. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog in the meantime to watch your progress.

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