Another new start and an update

As promised here’s the first look at the new start I’m doing. It’s SK Diewalkur by Kinuko Y. Craft

It’s a little slower going than the Elfland SK but it does have loads more detail. I just love how it glows, reminds me of Iron Dragon’s beam of light.

And here’s the next update of Amy’s Venice. 2 pages already!!! She’s doing a lovely job on it.

And now for a moment of chart droolage……


(Next sale)


5 thoughts on “Another new start and an update

  1. How do you stitch so fast?! I am so jealous. I’m managing about 20 stitches a week at the moment – and last time I stitched I was one thread out and had to pull it all out again.

    Your stitching is beautiful and it’s a joy to watch it progressing. Please excuse the friendly but gibbering jealous in the corner over here. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Kerry.
      It does help that I love stitching so much and it is my one vice in life.
      I have no idea why I seem to make so much progress in such a small amount of time. I do know that Qsnaps (yes more than one….6 in total), a magnetic board and marking the chart help immensely.
      Don’t be discouraged by your stitching hiccup, I’m sure next time you’ll get loads done with no frogging.


  2. Hi Rachel, I’m getting back to the HAED BB after a year away and saw one of your posts and followed that to your blog and your stitching albums. You have got some absolutely fabulous stitching done and I’m loving seeing how much your HAED’s have progressed.I keep seeing that Train Of Dreams design and keep dithering whether to get it or not. Maybe when there’s another sale like you say πŸ˜‰ We could maybe do a SAL together :)Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Maxine and thank you for the comments. Yup, Train of Dreams is magnificent and there are quite alot on the board who would be interested in stitching it. I think Valentines will be the next sale and I will definitely be getting the chart then. You know you will have to get it too!!!!

  3. Ooooh I will have to follow your progress I think. I have just started my first HAED last night. Its quite scary. But for tips and tricks I reckon reading your blog will be handy (plus I love seeing people’s projects progress πŸ™‚

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