Please help out if you can…..

ALL profits for next 2wks will go to this fam in need

mouserkinsmagic says:
My BIL is undergoing 1st surgery TONIGHT to receive a feeding tube then will find out within the next few days if he has cancer or crohn’s disease.
My sister has to keep working night shift as this is now their only income for the two of them and their 3 kids.
2 of their kids are also having med problems right now and this family is under SOOO much stress!

I am holding a %50 off sale SHOPE WIDE for the next 2 weeks with ALL profits going to my sister. This is all I can do right now to help them and I hope you will consider something from my shop…no matter how small so I can do this for them.

thank you SO much for thinking of it.
Please keep them all (Shawn, Amanda, Blake, Chance, and Marichka) in your prayers as well.

Thank you.

If you can help at all, even if it’s just an ACEO, not only will you be helping but you’ll have a lovely piece of art as well. I have many of her works in print form and have an original on it’s way soon. Jennifer is a wonderful person and for her to help out in this way just goes to show what a great person she is.

I wasn’t going to blog today, was going to post a big one tomorrow, but felt this deserved to be on it’s own. Will have an update of my new HAED work as well as an update of Amy’s Venice.


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