Last Turandot update for the year

I didn’t get as much done on her as I would have liked. Firstly the Qsnap was in the wrong place and  that meant I couldn’t get into the corner and also the bathroom is still a WIP. So it’s been on and off with the stitching lately.

It’s all basically done now, just waiting on the plumber and cosmetic stuff like flooring and walls. But we do have the bath and surrounds in and also the vanity unit. It will be so nice not to have tiles and grout to clean. I’d take a photo but its white and shiny and unless your here pretty boring, it is a bathroom after all, but I’m so happy to be rid of the peach. Here’s a shot of the only tile that came off whole. You can tell how different it looks now.

Also, can you believe… no one took any before pics!!


2 thoughts on “Last Turandot update for the year

  1. Hi,

    I’m getting ready to start, but am confused by the pattern. Would you, please, advise me on the following question?

    What fabric, color and size, did you use for this project?

    Did you use the Anchor thread or DMC? Apparently it can be worked both ways and several sizes.

    What q snap frames did you use? Did you add extenders?

    The picture looks like there is metallic floss in it, but there is none listed in the Material List.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Janis,

      I’m using an off white 25ct Lugana. I’m using 1 strand and doing full stitches. The chart is in DMC which is what I’m using.
      You are right about there being no metallics. None are used, it’s all just cotton threads.
      For this one I’m using 11 inch Qsnaps, any smaller and it would be just to awkward as there is ALOT of fabric.
      I can’t tell you the size as it would depend on how much edging you want and also whether you go for the 25ct or something else.

      The HAED charts stitch up just as nicely on any fabric count. So if your used to something else, like 18ct, you can use it just adjust the fabric size.

      Thank you for looking,

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