Amy’s Venice WIP and grizzle

Amy has sent through her first WIP of Venice.

After one false start her it is so far.

I think she’s doing a great job on it so far.

I haven’t been stitching too much. We’ve had intermittent water the last few days while we get the bathroom renovated (Tim’s Christmas present to me) and I haven’t been able to wash my hands enough for my liking. I need clean hands when I stitch.

I’m kinda wishing we’d left the bathroom the gastly peach colour that it was as now we have no shower or bath (which we are putting in) and no hot water.

Tim’s decided to do the plumbing and there are a couple of leaks which he says won’t be there once he gets it sealed right. Trouble is, to seal it he has to drain the hot water cylinder again and that means no hot water. Not that there’s anywhere to use it, except maybe the dishes which we have to boil the jug for.

Now the builder has gone home for the day sick  and when we stripped the wallpaper it ripped the top layer of Gib off. So now that has some sealing or something that needs doing to it. Grrr.

The guest room is FULL of tools and crap and I’m not seeing an end at the moment. And it’s only been two days and I’m thoroughly sick of it.

I think retail therapy might be the answer but I foresee a plumber being called in so sadly no shopping for me but…..

If I were to do some I’d head over to

Jennifer is having a week of sales. Today is buy two get one free on her bookmarks and magnets. I’ve got some of the smaller bookmarks but she’s brought out a line of larger ones now. If the renovations weren’t going on I’d probably try to grab some of them as well as an 8×10 at 50% off on Wednesday but I’d REALLY love to get an original at 20% off on Friday.

If anyone does get anything please let me know, I’d love to see what you got.

Edited to add:

Had a lovely surprise arrive in the mail. The Eclectic Artisans Team had a treasure hunt and I ended up winning, of all things, two free bookmarks from Jennifer at Mouserkins Magic (linked to earlier in post). After I posted here I checked the box and they had arrived along with three Hannah Lynn ACEO prints I won on Ebay. That was the best remedy for my mood at the moment.

ALSO: WE NOW HAVE WATER!!!!! But not hot just yet.


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