It’s time to sign up for the first of two freebie SALs for new year.

If you like free things I’d suggest you head over to the HAED Bulletin board and join in. I have!!

You have a choice of four SK charts to choose from and all the details on charts and signing up are the board.

That’s next year, but I still have the last bits of this years SK to finish yet and there are only two months of SALs left, this weekend being one of them. That means I will have an update on Moon Fantasy SK after the weekend. I also hope to have some more ACEO cards to share. I recently brought some more from Jennifer Nilsson and some from Hannah Lynn. The worst part is waiting as they are all coming from the US.

I’ve also been working on Iron Dragon and I now have only 1/4 left to go on page 1. That’s about 2000 stitches of deep reds in big chunks. Not my most exciting type of stitching.

Well, that was fun. Much more fun blogging with the laptop on my knees and watching tv. Windows Live Writer works a treat!!

I will have to take a few hours off my stitching now every day to get some reading done. My fav author Stephen King has release an real epic book….’Under The Dome’. 800+ pages over 100 different characters all in one town trapped under a dome (I hope the Simpsons don’t sue, lol).
Someone on Twitter commented “You could kill someone with this book”. She’s a biggy.

I think that will do for now. Back to watching Survivor and my stitching.

Thanks for reading


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