Time to share

I had to once again move the Qsnap on Iron Dragon and thought you’d like to see another full size shot of it. I’ve nearly reached the right edge of this pieces, I’m only 60ish stitches away from it. I can’t wait to fill in the corners. I’ll be working on this one now until the weekend when I’ll get Turnadot out again. I haven’t decided if I’ll do background or more of her headdress. Decisions, decisions………….


I forgot to post these before now but here are the first lot of ACEO cards I brought from Jennifer Nilsson via her etsy site. The bottom two are the ones I gave Petrina as a birthday gift. I’ve since placed another couple of orders since and won one of her eBay auctions too. Her work is just so CUTE!!!! And she’s a very friendly person also.


Must go…. the stitching isn’t going to do itself.

Also while you’re reading this just place another vote for you fav moggies (left)


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