Now to buy some frames

A while ago you may remember I brought some HAED charts from artist Jennifer Nilsson and said there was something I’d say about them later. Well, it’s later and I’m sharing.

Jennifer was/is a new artists to the family of HAED artists and she was kind enough to promote her new charts by offering a free 8×10” print of any chart that you brought. As you know I brought ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ and ‘Atop the Garden Wall’. And tada!!!


The colours are sooo much more vivid than you could imagine.

Frame hunting time me thinks!!!

While I really like these pieces I also wondered what other artwork of Jennifer’s might be charted in the future I headed over to her Etsy store
and I just had to buy some ACEO prints. They were/are only $3.00US each (unless there is a special) and postage is only $3.00US to NZ!!! I’ll post pictures of those later since I brought a couple for my sister Petrina’s birthday.

!!Happy Birthday Petrina!!

Yes, that is what you’re other pressie is, but what are they? Hmmm!!!! You’ve have to wait and see.

I was so pleased when the package arrived but was even more surprised to find a handwritten thank you message in a card.


You can’t tell from this picture but there are little silver stars dotted over the blue sky. Just gorgeous.

I kinda had a feeling that these were going to be nice, so much so that I visited her store again when she had a BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion and brought a couple more. Call me a fan!!

Before I leave, you may have noticed the moggie poll to the left.

Please, if you wouldn’t mind, VOTE. I’m having a hard time choosing which I would start first and which order in which to stitch them so your help is appreciated.


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