Mr ‘P’ is home

Finally he’s home and safely on the wall!!!

Tim came with me this time and we worked with the owner what the cost was meant to be. We ended up splitting the difference on what it was meant to be and what we were told it was going to be. Not a huge amount though. Although it was probably not a good thing as we ended up buying some frames for some of my other finished pieces. So I’ll be busy, when I get a round to it, framing some of my other smaller finished pieces.

I also had some exciting news yesterday.

I’ve found out the Muse and Kasabian will both be playing at this year’s Big Day Out (BDO). In fact MUSE WILL BE THE HEADLINE ACT!

What is BDO I hear some of you asking? Well, down here in NZ and Australia a few cities hold a music festival with local and international acts. Next year, Muse Kasabian, Lily Allen, Eskimo Joe, Dizzy Rascal and others that I can’t think of right now, will be playing for one day at these events. NZ has just the one in Auckland, right up the top of the country and thousands of km away and I won’t be going. I’ll have to watch the coverage on TV, sparse though it will be. I’ll just wait until they tour again. Fingers crossed they come back to Christchurch and not just bloody Auckland.

I’m still busy at the moment with Iron Dragon and have just finished a rather exciting part. I’d been working on the chain attached to the helmet and had no idea what the little stitches were doing until a had a look at arms distance and holy cow!! There were all these little links of chains there. I’ll post a picture once I’ve put this one down to pick up Turandot for the weekend. Yup its that time already. Time is flying by this year.

On a sadder note.

Can I get everyone to please spare a thought for the people of Samoa at the moment. They’ve been hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Living here I’d hope that if it happened to use you’d be thinking of us also. The joys of living on the Pacific ‘ring of fire’


One thought on “Mr ‘P’ is home

  1. Timrachel, your Mr. P is drop-dead gorgeous, and the framing is perfect. It is gallery-quality, and hope to see it soon on the HAED site! Congratulations on your beautiful finish!

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