Been stitching…are you surprised?

At last most of the visiting is over, just the one left now and Tim’s taken him to the rifle range. NOT, I repeat, NOT as a target mind you.

And with them out there I’ve been able to work on Iron Dragon a little. Here’s the latest update of the clouds.

Iron Dragonclic image for a better looksy

I would have included a pic of the framed piece I stitched for the MIL but the photo Tim took was inside with the camera phone and not really the best. He’s heading back up there Friday I’ll send the camera with him and precise instructions on what to do.

I’ll post a pic of MR P then also. He’s all done at the framers. We’ve just had to wait for some big bills to be paid so now I can get him Friday.

Friday seems to be an exciting day!!


2 thoughts on “Been stitching…are you surprised?

  1. I love how this is stitching up, and seeing how it grows from the center is really neat. I still plan to start my Wall chart this way and it makes it seem even more fun to jump right into the fairy like that. 🙂 Mine is I Think I Saw A Fairy. 🙂

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