Turandot September SAL

It’s been that weekend again and I’ve had Turandot on the frame. I could have started her up on Friday after all since Amy had an emergency come up and the LOTR marathon has been postponed until a later date.


I also had a flying visit from my MIL which cancelled a day of stitching for me.  She was passing through on her way south and came by to pick up her QS Reflections from the framers. She looks gorgeous but sadly I forgot to take a photo of her before the MIL was on her way again.
Not a worry though, Mr P is in with the framer and should be done before the end of the week and MIL is back through about the 17th so I PROMISE to get a snap of both of them for you.

Stitching for the next couple of days will also intermittent this week when the BIL and his daughter fly down to pick up a car he’s buying from the in-laws.

When we have visitors you can count on more arriving soon, you can usually count on three in a row…. I wonder who the third will be?

ALSO…… UNDER ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!muse-resistance-album-art

My stitching stash has also just increased!! I have brought the fabric for the four Ravenscroft kitties and the same time brought a clip on light for my frame.

I’d been wanting one for a while and since Tim was with me, we’d been hunting imaginary bunnies in a big black circle at the rifle range, he spotted the light and asked ‘is that the light you’re after’ and I said ‘yes’, then he said ‘would you like one’ and you can guess what I said….


I have also got some new charts and kitted fabric/threads to go with them on their way from the Fox Collection. I have a few other Mystic Stitch charts kitted this way. The two I got were Once Bitten and Vampire Red.

Now the waiting begins and I HATE waiting!!


2 thoughts on “Turandot September SAL

  1. Rachel, Turandot is absolutely stunning! It’s been a while since I have come across a progress pic and wow… she truly takes your breath away. Your work is amazing and I always look forward to seeing more!

  2. Thank you Tetcha,
    She doesn’t get the same attention she used to but she is getting there and it’s always fun to pull her out to work on.
    I’ve just noticed you’ve got a blog. I’m off to have a read now.

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