No stitching…..

How neglected has my stitching being of late?

Three days neglected!!

It’s not my fault though. I had the in-laws 40th wedding anniversary to attend and with travel and visiting etc nothing got stitched.

I have been trying to make up for it though. I’ve reached the top ed


Here’s a picture of the wing on the helmet for you.

I’ll also have something exciting to show you soon.

While I was up in Blenheim my MIL asked me to get QS Reflections framed for her. I stitched it a while ago for her as a commission and why she couldn’t do it herself I don’t know, but while I was at the framers Tim said I could get a quote for ‘Mr P’. I’ll be taking him (Mr P) in next week to get done. We’ve already decided on a lovely gold frame. Just need to take him back to the framers after a wash……

I have tested for colour fastness with the most likely to run leftovers I have and they are fine!! Breathe easy everyone.

It’s also now less than two weeks before ‘The Resistance‘ is released. I’ve pre ordered and can’t wait for the courier to arrive on the 14th

Forgot to mention, this weekend I’ll be working on Turandot again. Has it been a month already? I usually work her Friday-Monday but this Friday we’ll be having Amy around.

Can you believe she hasn’t seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy????!!! So we’ll be sitting down to watch it! Haven’t decided whether to go for the theatrical release or the extended edition. We own both, only decision now is 6+ hours or 9+ hours!!


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