Another two updates

I  pulled out Dark Cherry to work on before the next page turns up next month. I had fallen a little behind with working only a few days a month on her, so I just put in another 3 days to get her to the point she’s at now.
QS Dark Cherry

And I have another small update of Iron Dragon too. It’s still on the QSnap so no full size yet but if you put the other pics together you can get an idea of how it must look after days 12 days work.

I have finished the headlight and have been working on the beam. It glows!! I didn’t realise it until I took time to look at what I’d actually stitched and that’s when I realised what had happened. I still can’t get over it. There are no sparklies at all, yet there it is.

Iron Dragon

I scanned these in a bit of a rush, I was a little eager to get back to the stitching

I’m also counting the days now……..

It’s less than a month before I get to hear the new Muse album. Bring on the Resistance!!!!


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