Turandot and more

It was the Slow or UFO Sal this weekend on the HAED board, and as I’ve done since the beginning of the year I worked on Turandot.
I’ve figured out once a month is definitely working with her. She’s so large that I think I got burn out on her and that’s why I had to start other stuff.
This Sal I managed to complete a page I’d been working on and I’ve moved down to the next page which is why she now has both her eyes. Freakiness over!!

I thought I’d also share what my sister Petrina does when she’s not stitching. She knits and sells these little fellas (and more) in a craft shop.
(She probably doesn’t remember that I even have these photos….hehe)

octopusmonkeypuss in boots30-05-08_185330-05-08_185516-04-08_06
I love to knit too, but I REALLY love to stitch and stitching has put knitting way down in my list of things to do, but one day I’ll get back into it. Sigh…

Back onto Iron Dragon. Just loving the colours used so far and the background (what I’ve done of it) is a breeze!!!


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