I hate neighbours cats!!!!
You think you’re doing a kind thing and get rewarded like this….

I’ll start at the beginning

Or cat is an old duck and sleeps lot in the sun. The sunniest room is the computer room so we were both up there, me on the puter, her on the bed sunbathing. Finally she decided to leap off the bed to have a hunt for food where she was met by a neighbours cat. I heard the commotion and went running. The other cat went for the cat door, then did a 180 and then headed for the screen door. Smack!! Face plant. It then decided to climb the said screen door.

I should have just unlocked the door and let it drop down and head off on its own, but no I had to be a softy. I unlocked the door and grabbed the cat to gently stick it out and that’s when it went into four wheel drive and gave me the tracks to prove it.


Should I risk stitching? It hurts like a ‘neighbours cat”. And its nice and oozy.

I don’t think silks and blood should get anyway near each other.

Bloody cat!!!


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