OTT about TV


The TV has decided to sh%t itself again. One minute it’s there, the next it was gone. Pooof….MAGIC!!!

I’ve got Petrina and Jessica here and we’ve just finished watching a movie…Cool Runnings. Definitely an oldy but a goodie. Luckily that finished, then we proceeded to watch kids TV. I don’t know if that was what did it, but the TV just stopped working and now its an expensive paper weight (until we get to the repair shop). It’s covering most of the table being 29 inch.
It happened a month back and now I’m watching my programmes and stitching in front of a 100inch screen using the projector. Big time overkill !!

(My sister is the best, she is great!!! Couldn’t ask for better.)

Don’t ask Petrina to take dictation!!!!

I think its actually a conspiracy…. HAED are having a 30% off sale for Michele’s birthday.

New chart or new TV???? I know which is cheaper!!


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