Dark Cherry July SAL

It was my Dark Cherry SAl weekend therefore she came out, but sadly I didn’t get quite as much done as hoped. I spent the whole weekend worried about Tim.
He’s had a really bad cough for the last week or so and with the H1N1 flu going around and him being in a job which involves alot of people interaction you know what we thought. Well he went to the doctor yesterday and I pleased, as pleased as you can be, to say that it’s just his asthma playing up. There’s no sign of an infection, so that’s good. And then I myself had chilblains which have finally settled down…..Sunlight helps!!
I did get some done and finished off page 2. I’m a cross country stitcher and I leave a few stitches on previous pages to combat the occurrence of page lines which can happen when you stitch one page at a time.
Sorry the pics not too good. I took it with the camera and not the scanner. It does show up some of the sparklies there are, the scanner doesn’t do that. I’ll post the scanner image once I load up the other puter. The scanner makes a hell of a racket and I don’t want to wake Tim, he needs his sleep.
In the meantime……
Dark Cherry 14 Jul

I have now got “Mr P” out to work on, I don’t think he’ll be finished this week, maybe next.

Look out for the scanned image later today.


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