…..Ice Age 3D……

OMG!! What an experience. The 3D rocked. Even the movie promos were for 3D films.

I did end up with a tiny headache afterwards though. I put it either down to the cool mirrored glasses or just the excitment of it all.

I’m not going to say much about the movie except that there are the regulars, dinosaurs, a lady scrat and a weasel voiced by Simon Pegg. It reminded me of Captain Jack from pirates…. nuts, but adorable. I wish more movies had Simon, you’ve got red on you, Pegg  in them, he’s such an underrated actor IMO.

Due to Tim having a rostered three day weekend we’ve been doin stuff and I haven’t had a chance to get ANY stitching in. I fully intend, note… intend, to get a few hours into on Mr P, but we’re going to Transformers 2 tonight so who knows how much I’ll get done.

I do have an update, not my stitching though, of Amy’s WIP Santorini. She’s a workmate of Tims and asked me to convert a couple of photos to cross stitch for her. She’s now four pages into this first piece and must be enjoying it since she got me to do her a third.I did get to see it IRL yesterday but here’s the pic she sent through a couple of days ago.
4 pages completeAnd it was charted from this image.Santorini

Stitched 2×1 on 18ct Aida

Now, does anyone want to go to the letterbox? It’s raining.


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