Change is good!!

….Or so I’ve been told. I think some people will disagree. They being too set on a path to realise changes had to be made and once those changes are made they keep wanting to go back to the way things were.

Shheeesshh… Build a bridge and get over it already.

A change in stitching is also good. The HAE BB have had a week-long Fairy Day SAL. And I felt it was time to drag out a once loved but recently neglected WIP called QS Poinsettia Fairy by Ching-Chou Kuik. I was gifted this chart by Shannon(needleworker3210). She was my second Rakd chart, my first was QS Aquamarine which I’ve also completed (photo in my completed HAED page). Next Rak chart off the rank will be QS Black Rose Mini

QS Poinsettia Fairy 29 June 09She’s stitched on 25ct Dublin 1×1 and I’m using Petite Treasure Braid PB10 for the sparklies


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