Slow and steady

She’s getting there. I was able to even put some reds in. Makes a change from the darker colours in the background.

So here she is after three days of stitching.

Turandot 8 June update

I was so eager  get a shot of her that I didn’t notice until I was editing the photo that she has a hairy cheek. It’s only a cat hair which has since been removed, but it did give me a little shock to see it there.

I’m back now to working on Mr “P’ until I receive the first page for the SK SAL, possibly Thursday sometime.


I have a question for you too….

How much do you pay retail for DMC thread. I’m only asking because I was in a local store that sell them, they’re usually a few cents cheaper than normal retail prices, but Saturday I was shopping with my sister, Petrina, and she nudged me to look at the price sign.


I almost swore out loud. It works out at around 90c US. I had been at another store earlier that day and the had theirs at $1.60 which is RRP. Thank heavens I don’t have to buy them locally too often, Thank you internet shopping.
I hope they’ve just put the wrong price on the sign, but I will be checking other stores around to see what they have theirs at.


2 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. Yep 1.79 is the general price around South Canterbury as well, I did talk to one shop and they have to put the prices up as they are not selling as many, she asked me where I got mine and I told her I shop online as I can get them for half the price, she wasn’t happy but there was/is no way I will pay that for a skein of thread unless I am desperate.

    Your WIP looks amazing, you ware doing well, I can’t wait to get the first page of the SK this weekend to start it!

    • Hi Annette,

      It looks like we’ll just have to face the fact that prices will continue to rise. Sigh…

      I’m glad that I’m not the only who’s bouncing around in anticipation of that first page. I know Petrina is looking forward to getting it also. I’ve got all my threads sorted and fabric is ready to put on the hoop. So ‘bring that page on’, I say!!

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