50 days of stitching…

…and here’s what ‘Mr P’ looks like now.


Click to enlarge

I haven’t been working solely on him for those 50 days. I’ve only counted the days I actually put stitches in.

I’m now on the homeward trail. After completing 60%, 6/12 pages and reaching the bottom right page, the end is in sight.

And some updates on my last post.

  • I haven’t heard the rooster since last week. I don’t think it’s gone anywhere, it’s just that it hasn’t stopped raining since last Monday, (it’s Sunday now and its threatening to rain) so I think it’s just too cold for its beak to open.
  • The TV is back. It had a fault in the power supply area.

I’ll be putting P away for the next few days, so you’ll get an update on something different next time you see me. I haven’t decided what it will be yet.


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