Anyone for KFR?

Anyone who knows me knows “I don’t do mornings”. I’d gladly stay up until 2-3 in the mornings and sleep til 9-10am.
So imagine my joy when some tosser in the area got themselves a ROOSTER!!!! Bloody hell!!

The first two mornings is was woken at 7am. Not too bad you might say, but today, Sunday, 5am!!!! WTF. The sun wasn’t even near rising.
Tim’s fine with it all, he’s on graveyard shifts (4am-12pm) and hasn’t heard it. He’s a deep sleeper and probably wouldn’t hear it. I, on the other hand wake to the cat scratching at the cat door down the other end of the house.
I’ll have to do a walk around to find where it is so the council can sort it out or I could take their suggestion and have some KFR.

Kentucky Fried Rooster.

Another annoyance is the crapping of our TV. Our 13 year old LG. I watch alot of TV, so I’m missing it. There was no indication of any problem until it just went black.

ARRRGGGHHH!! Luckily there’s the one in the bedroom, but I can’t stitch properly sitting on the bed. That’s OK for the daytime but when Tim goes to bed at 7pm. I have to move down to the lounge where he’s wired up our projector screen to the DVD recorder.
So…..I’m watching TV on a 100″ screen.


Hopefully it can get fixed quick smart or I could go insane with that and the choock!!

Onto nicer things, I framed up my Selena prints and they are on the wall.
I couldn’t get the best photo due to the lovely sunny day we’ve got here, it’s due to packup later today, so I’ve had to take it from this weird angle.
I chose an A4 size frame so I could have the name of the piece at the bottom showing.


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